A super-rare special edition of the iconic Beefeater bottle to thank Sevilla for the oranges and lemons that make the Beefeater gin unique.

Sevilla is, perhaps unsurprisingly, home all to the oranges and lemons that are used to produce Beefeater gin all over the world. Last time you had a Beefeater gin and tonic, or just Beefeater, not judging, chances are you were tasting at least some exquisite Andalusian juice.
In 2019, Beefeater asked us to design a special edition of its iconic bottle to go on sale in Sevilla and other Andalusian cities. This is a once in a blue moon event, for it had happened only once in the past decade. We did the only thing we could: celebrate it with a colourful explosion of leaves, oranges and lemon juice.
Even though it was a very limited series, it hit the supermarkets and bars of Andalusia for some time. It sold out in a few weeks, but I managed to grab one.
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